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This decor style features furniture that has been naturally or intentionally distressed for stylistic reasons. Whether it’s antique or not, shabby chic furniture and decor items look as though they have been distressed over time. Overall, rooms designed in the traditional style should feel warm and inviting. Antiques and modern furniture and decor items can easily exist side-by-side. In some ways, traditional decor is the opposite of minimalism. A traditional room may be very layered with lots of extra details.

Also known as classic, many who adopt this design style are going for a new traditional. It’s popular for its ornately designed dark woods and luxury textiles like silk and velvet, which people use on furniture, bedding, and drapery. Commonly, the style includes patterns like floral, stripes, and damask, and people often choose a neutral color palette, bringing in pops of color with artwork. Is a mix of both traditional and contemporary styles that blend for a timeless look.

Furniture constructed in Shaker style is always of high-quality woodwork and often handcrafted to last for years. Chairs, sofas and tables feature straight, tapered legs because of their lightweight nature. Tapered legs are aesthetically attractive, but can be easily lifted for convenience. Pieces like tables typically have plain wood pulls and rounded edges to avoid showiness. Neutral colors, like grays, light browns and off-whites are used throughout Shaker homes. Light fixtures are as simple as the furniture with very little detailing, minimal curves and very straight lines, much like contemporary lighting.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of these interior designers is their tendency to use monochrome palettes. Black and white are usually their go-to colors, often with hints of other primary colors like blue, yellow and red. Traditional design style uses wooden finishes on furniture which is very well known worldwide. Expect to find textiles such as velvet and linen used everywhere.

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Pick out colors that you are immediately drawn to without second-guessing yourself. Design with what you love, even if that means your decor reflects different styles. It’s how you combine all of the details together that truly brings your interior to life. For more interior inspiration head over to our Pinterest board. Think about how to maximize natural light in the space and how to block it out when you want to and make sure you have enough lamps and overhead lights. But, at the same time, people have also been looking to create soothing and calming spaces, she said.

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