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Once you’ve grabbed your target audience’s attention with the design, it’s easier to interest your followers in learning more about your time-sensitive offer. Notably, it’s you who chooses the emoji for your question, so it’s easy to customize your question and help your followers understand your tone and answer accordingly. For example, you can upload multiple photos/videos of a new product and invite followers to share their thoughts about it with the emoji slider. Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours unless you save them as Instagram Story Highlights. Story highlights act as curated collections of your stories that live on your profile and you can watch anytime. The Quiz sticker allows you to post a multiple choice question for which viewers must guess the correct answer.

The key for marketers is to use hashtags that are relevant to your audience and your posts. Adding hashtags connects your story to that particular hashtag’s story. Essentially, it becomes part of an aggregated story of all the public Instagram posts that use the hashtag.

Score engagement by asking your audience questions that relate to your business. Any easy place to start is a question sticker with the text “ask me anything”. This way, your audience can interact with your Instagram Story and you can assert yourself as an authority on whatever subject you’re talking about. Collaboration with influencers is an ever-growing Instagram trend.

The Hands-Free option in the left menu lets you record a video without, well, hands. Aside from regular photography and videography, Instagram provides several options to mix things up on your Story. Brand Awareness Be found by your customers with a strategic and purposeful approach. Leads and Sales Generate quality leads that are more likely to become your customers.

You should consider working with micro-influencers if you are on a limited budget. You can offer some sort of incentive so that people are motivated to share their experiences using your products. You could offer them freebies or even a chance to be featured on your Instagram page. Sharing fun facts or creating quizzes in Stories is another great way to engage your viewers.

We have a dedicated article to teach you how to get more followers on Instagram. Instagram stories can help you get valuable audience insights. There’s a reason why creators from the same niche tend to hang around in the same circles. Partly due to sharing the same audiences, and mainly because people love a good cross-over. So if you’re ever out of ideas, give your fellow creator some love by shining the spotlight on them in your IG stories. It might be a good idea to sketch a rough outline of what you’re about to talk about (if it’s a video) or plan the sequence of stories in advance (if they’re images).

You can also upload photos and videos from your mobile device’s native camera roll. Use the pen to add embellishment, symbols, or more text to your Story. If you tap the pen icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen once you’ve captured a photo or video, you’ll open up your options. Read more about buy real instagram likes here. Start typing in your location, and you’ll be able to pull in a geographically-specific sticker to show where you are.

In the past, brands had to get 10,000 followers to get access to the swipe up feature in order to add external links to their Instagram Stories. But with a recent update, there are now link stickers available to add right on top of a story design. All of this casual sharing is generating deeper engagement, as over half of the platform’s more than one-billion monthly users watch stories on a daily basis.

Adding them to your stories can help boost your views, as your stories will be displayed at the top of the stories feed. By putting important information on your highlights, your followers always have access to answers about your company. Going live helps to connect with your audience and share exciting events or milestones. As we covered before, you can choose to go live to keep your audience up to date with the latest news about your brand, promote new products, or answer product-specific questions. As you’ve probably realized, insta stories are very handy for all types of businesses, both new and established. Using this tool can lead to significant growth, regardless of a brand’s market sector or focus.

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