8 Ways to Beat the Instagram Algorithm and Grow Your Audience

First, you have to prepare the soil by really getting to know your audience—their motivations, struggles, and the types of content they crave. Next, you need to get out there and plant some seeds—ask questions, start conversations, and engage with other peoples’ content. Finally, you can grow some authentic and engaging content of your own.

While this sounds incredibly obvious and simplistic, your first step to driving traffic and growing platforms is unifying them. Contests are an excellent way to increase engagement on Instagram. A well-run contest can result in thousands of new followers with little effort on your part. Caitlin is a Content Marketing expert at Iconosquare, based in Berlin. She’s passionate about creating ROI-driven content strategies and sharing her best tips on social media marketing.

Keep in mind that just because someone sees your content, that doesn’t mean they currently follow you. If you have a chance to interact with a potential follower, you should take it. Every comment is an opportunity to gain a new follower , so make sure you respond to each comment you receive. If your hands are already cramping at the thought of tapping away on your phone, don’t worry.

Instagram Stories, sponsored or not, are another great way to connect with followers. You can turn existing posts into sponsored ads, too, so keep an eye on your top posts. If not, they’ll at least engage with your post by liking it, commenting on it, or sharing it with a friend. Starbucks teases its audience by announcing seasonal drinks with sharp imagery and without trying to force people to buy them. And the posts received thousands of likes each, which is huge in the advertising world. The brand offers a 70% off discount while showing you photos of some of the items that are available to purchase.

It wasn’t a problem with Instagram, they claimed, but rather with certain users. The solution to being found in the search was simply to make better content. Your first step should be to evaluate your journey and how you got here. Creating a sound Instagram business page allows your brand to leverage powerful tools for growth.

Being a professional photographer doesn’t mean you have to stick to uploading pictures only. With IGTV, you can showcase your craft while entertaining the audience and boosting account visibility. Additionally, you can generate more opportunities for engagement that will turn viewers into followers as they tune in for new videos. Since influencers already know the kind of content your target audience would love, you should see increased engagement and traffic to your boards.

You can simply add your homepage link or keep changing it to showcase your current content. However, only having a business account on Instagram is not sufficient; you also need to grow your audience base. Only when you have a large audience base, your business can stand out and stay ahead in the competitive race.

You can write all of your post captions in one focused power hour, and then set them to go live at your best time to post. Reels, Instagram’s short-form, looping video feature, is still one of the most effective ways to reach new audiences on the app. To create a consistent aesthetic that supports your brand, use a visual planner tool to curate your Instagram feed before you post. Having a well planned Instagram feed, that clearly showcases your niche, is key for converting profile visitors into followers. Get the low-down on how to get more followers on Instagram by watching this video — or read the full blog post below.

Your guests’ followers mean you can connect with listeners who might not normally come across your program. Also, provide them with a ready-made post or Story so they can publish it on their page. Join thousands of influencers, brands, creators growing their Instagram followers with Path Social. Instagram Stories Archive feature and add relevant stories to your Highlights. Read more about https://www.webpressglobal.com/business/what-you-need-to-grow-your-audience-on-instagram/ here. This feature allows you to promote directly on your profile to continue the hype and engagement for your products. Sometimes it’s a lie of omission, whereas other times it’s just a flat out lie.

You can even keep an eye on the comments of your competitors throughout the entire system. This tool is equipped with analytics, scheduled posts, and integration with several apps to streamline your campaign. For instance, you can connect the Asana team management app to assign specific tasks for social media. Hootsuite is among my favorite tools for managing social media profiles, including Instagram. Its free version is a bit more flexible than some of the others on this list and offers a range of tools to boost engagement. As for connecting to an audience, about 80% of users follow a business on Instagram.

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