11 Tips For Promoting Your Local Business On Instagram

You’ll want to decide on your budget ahead of time, based on the value that these clicks will bring you. Kicksta can help you with Instagram promotion by handling that manual work for you. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to provide a list of accounts that you want to target. Chances are followers of Dunkin’ would likely be interested in Starbucks’ offerings too.

Like impressions, reach also relates to the total number of views on your content, but this time it’s the number of unique views . It’s a good idea to use this information in your content planning. For example, if your audience skews younger, you may want to post more frequently to align with how often they’re on their mobile device. Running your own Instagram ad campaign isn’t that difficult, but it can be intimidating to many small business owners and influencers who haven’t done it before. Instagram Stories for locations work for both cities and individual businesses, landmarks, etc. For example, if you tagged your story from the Golden Gate Bridge, your story could end up in the story for both “Golden Gate Bridge” and the general “San Francisco” story.

This way, you let Facebook’s auto-optimization algorithms work their magic and later use the Facebook Audience Insights tool to learn more about your target audience. As you add Custom Audience datapoints to give Facebook insight to each customer’s lifetime value, its algorithms can find new people likely to be interested in your offers. This can be especially relevant when promoting mobile apps or working with SaaS Facebook ads. If you’re not using website traffic-based Custom Audiences yet, there’s such a huge Instagram advertising potential just waiting to be used. There are several ways to set up an Instagram remarketing audience, and we’re going to cover each of them briefly.

Yes, you can have both a business and a personal Instagram account. Read more about buy instagram likes here. You probably shouldn’t use your personal account for business purposes. Only business accounts have access to several features key to successful Instagram marketing and sales. Instagram offers many interactive features for building online conversations and relationships. For instance, use the interactive questions sticker in Instagram Stories so followers can submit questions for you to answer.

Having an Instagram account with thousands of inactive followers can lower the account’s credibility, resulting in real users leaving your page. Don’t trick people into following you, instead, build trust and long-lasting relationships for better engagement. Influncer marketing is a paid relationship with another Instagram account with a larger, engaged follower base. Ideally, the audience of the influencer who you are cooperating with should be similar to yours or allows you to tap into a new base of people who you’re trying to reach. Since Instagram is a visual forum, use it to show your customers what your business offers. If you’re running a brewery, rather than just posting a photo of a foamy lager, show patrons that are enjoying the brew.

Yes, an Instagram business account is free, as are all Instagram accounts. While having an account is free, you’ll need to pay for any ads you run. Interact with your viewers by creating polls and inviting questions, making it easy to collect valuable feedback. For example, some accounts use the questions feature to hold a weekly Ask Me Anything session, a fun way to answer common questions. Once you have a personal account, it’s easy to convert it to a business profile.

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